Wednesday Wisdom by Dr. James Scott Wright

Thoughts on the journey, personal growth, and making a difference.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

So, I alluded last week to the fact that being mindful can have an important positive impact on your life…and the lives of others.  Many benefits of mindfulness have been documented by scientists and physicians.  Numerous studies have found that mindfulness techniques can reduce anxiety, depression and irritability.

According to Psychology Today, “the health-promoting benefits of [mindfulness] derive from the modulation or cessation of discursive, rambling thoughts.  These roaming, digressive ideas correlate with mental distress and suffering.”  Further, neuroscientists have determined that mindfulness can help improve memory, quicken reaction times, and increase mental and physical stamina.

If you think about it, these health benefits make a lot of sense.  Mindfulness, after all, is fundamentally about being actively aware of the here and now, moment by moment.  Much of our anxiety and stress (even depression) are centered in either worrying about the future or regretting the past.  Instead, if we intentionally focus on our experiences in the present, tuning in to what is occurring around us, and actively learning from and growing within those experiences, then we can disrupt the negative thoughts and emotions surrounding the past and the future.

Remember, mindfulness is all about being “in the present,” experiencing life in the moment and thereby creating meaning from what we see, hear and feel.  In doing so, we feel better which allows us to positively impact the lives of others more.

The challenge for this week is to WORRY LESS AND SERVE MORE.

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