Navigate your premed journey with confidence.
Mappd provides you with the roadmap to navigate the premed journey.
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Benefits of Using Mappd.

Jumpstart your path to med school.
Calculate Your GPA like Med Schools Do 
Did you know that med schools do not calculate your GPA the same way your transcript does?  Mappd will help you calculate your GPA the way med schools will when you apply. and we’ll show you your AMCAS, AACOMAS, and TMDSAS grade calculations.
Be Prepared for your Meaningful Activities Essays
Track your extracurriculars with the info you’ll need for the application. Write diary-like entries for extracurriculars to help you remember the experience when it comes time to write about it on your application
Match your classes against school requirements.
Enter your completed and intended classes, and we’ll let you know if there are any more you need for your target schools.
GPA evaluator
Did you know that ALL classes count for your application, even if your school replaces grades?  We’ll show you your GPA trends, and we’ll offer feedback on grades with suggestions for retakes. 
MCAT timing and scoring tracker
Gather info about the MCAT, including test dates that line up with your classes, tracking of practice test and real test scores. We’ll give you feedback on the test dates and if we think you’ll be ready. Enter in your section scores and we’ll give you feedback on if there are any red flags.
Communicate with advisors
If you have a school advisor or private advisor, we want you to be able to communicate with them and send them information that you’ve already entered, minimizing any wasted time duplicating data.  We’ll make it easy for you share data and get reviews on progress.


Activities can be challenging to fit into a busy schedule with a rigorous course load.  Are you satisfied with the quality and quantity of your activities?  What about the consistency and recency?  Mappd will help you identify, track, and reflect on your clinical experiences.

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